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Important information for truck accident victims
Latest statics suggest that 1 out of 8 automotive accident fatalities is due to big trucks, including tractor trailers, large rigs and commercial vehicles. These statics would also suggest that 4% of injuries that are sustained in a motor vehicle accident are by big trucks as well. Large commercial trucks that are involved in vehicle accidents about 86% of the fatalities and 77% of these injuries the driver & vehicle passengers of the slightly smaller vehicle are hurt in the crash

National Truck Accident Lawyers

Starting in 1992 truck accidents have increased by almost 10 %. As an increase of number of accidents that involve large commercial trucks seems to continue to increase, some feel that there is not a lot being done to increase driving safety regulations. Recognizing that large commercial trucks and drivers are spending more time driving and the possible failure of noncommercial drivers that are not following proper speed limits show every 15 minutes a vehicle collision occurs.

Right after an accident has occurred most victims are typically confused, traumatized and sometimes scared. If possibly you or a family member has been involved in a vehicle accident that involves a large commercial truck such as 18-wheeler, tractor trailer and other commercial trucks. You will have rights & benefits available to you. Having an aggressive national truck accident lawyers to represent & assist you during this difficult time is extremely important to have.